Retiring from Mariokart

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Retiring from Mariokart

Post  Gman on Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:36 pm

Hey guys I'm leaving Mariokart. I dont know for good or for a couple of months or what. I need to focus on school more. When I turn 16 which is in a couple of months I will be really inactive and focusing on my real friends. I enjoyed it here. I loved the races and the battles. Lyfe and everybody else, dont let this clan die or mariokart. I will miss everybody here. I dont want to go through everybody but here are some people. Lyfe you are an awesome leader.. keep up the good work, and Nate you drafted me on this team. You were the person I looked up to in races, on this chat and got me on the other subclan. Goodluck in the future to all.


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