Me possibly joining Flow

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Me possibly joining Flow

Post  Fw*Nick on Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:28 pm

Hello I am:
Hoping to be in the clan
In need of more practice
Still in school Mon-Fri but i can still join clan wars on Fri night and weekends

Name: Nick
Live in Virginia
Wont tell age for secrecy
Dont have skype

VR: IN the 6,000s because I used to suck crap and had something in the 3000s and im just getting into MKWii again and I'm getting a lot better.
Name: Nin*Nick
Fave Characters: Baby Luigi/Magikruiser, Daisy/Mach Bike, Funky Kong/Flame Runner
Fave Course:DDR
Previous clan experience: None, but I'm ready try
FC: 5413-5064-4153

Hope 2 see you soon,

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